Wynn [senior]

This session was perfect…the weather was beautiful (ahhhh fall), Wynn is such a sweet girl and walking around Lancaster is always a great time! One of my favorite things about senior sessions is the fact that I get to meet so many young adults getting ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives. This is such an exciting time for them and I count it an honor to be a part of it! Enjoy the last few months of senior year Wynn!!



Elina [Senior]

Normally I have the privilege of photographing along side this girl, but the other week I got to take pictures OF her! Elina is a photographer herself so she knew exactly how to  pose and what I wanted her to do…it was wonderful!

Elina, you are a joy to work with and photograph! Enjoy the last few months of your SENIOR year! You are almost done!!


Shawnee [Senior]

This session was extra special for two main reasons: First, Shawnee is a very dear friend to my younger sister, Joy, so Shawnee is like a sister to me! Also Joy came along to the shoot…that made it even more special! It was fun walking around Lancaster with these two…Shawnee is absolutely stunning and Joy did a great job at making Shawnee laugh!! Enjoy some favorites…there are many!!


Joy {Senior}

I have taken so many pictures of you over the years and now we’re here: taking your SENIOR pictures! Whoa … where did the time go?! I have seen you grow and flourish into such a beautiful young lady! We played Little House on the Prairie as kids, we fought about sharing clothes as we grew older, and now we have such crazy schedules that I almost never see you, but I love you now just as much as I did when you were Carrie and I was Laura Ingalls so long ago (if not more)!

Your bubbly spirit shines in all that you do Joy! You are so precious to me and I can only hope that as you venture into your senior year, you become even more of the wonderful young lady that God has intended you to be. Love you Joy Boy!


Madison {Senior}

Ahh this was such a fun shoot!! Downtown café, ice cream truck, and balloons…yup, it was the best!! The weather was perfect…I am such a fan of spring sunshine and colors!  Maddie is the sweetest…her smile and laugh are contagious!! And she is absolutely gorgeous!!

Maddie…I loved getting to know you better!! Enjoy your last few months of senior year….ALMOST DONE!! AH! You go girl!


Bekah {Senior: Part II}

You may remember Bekah from her senior session this past fall…and now it’s time for part TWO!! Bekah wanted some “snow pictures” and the blizzard this past weekend gave us PLENTY of snow to work with!!

This girl is, clearly, gorgeous and has such an authentic heart for the Lord!! Bekah, we are almost DONE with high school….woo-hoo!!! Continue seeking Him in all you do! Love you!!

View Part I HERE!!

A close family friend made the blanket for Bekah!! SO sweet!